Welcome to Canberra Injury Management Centre

Canberra Injury Management Centre (CIMC) was established in 1998 to provide an integrated, multidisciplinary approach to treatment and rehabilitation of people with injuries or pain – across the treatment spectrum from acute to chronic. Our highly skilled and experienced team includes Pain Management Consultants, Physiotherapists, Clinical Psychologists and Exercise Physiologists ensuring professional advice and treatment for most injury and pain conditions.

CIMC is located at the Canberra Specialists Centre in Deakin - so that clients are treated in an environment that promotes health and well-being and removes the clinical focus of traditional medical centres. Our treatment approach for acute injury focuses on early intervention, education and active self-management. For chronic pain and injuries, we specialise in the delivery of cognitive behavioural pain management based on the latest research evidence and world’s best practice. We also offer general psychological counselling services, Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology services for healthy individuals, sports people, the elderly, and those with chronic health conditions or injuries.

Our aim is to teach clients how to best regain control over their condition, enhance their overall well-being, and chart a path to recovery through a range of active management strategies. Importantly we understand that injury rehabilitation and associated pain is often complex and debilitating and needs a treatment provider who can provide support and professional advice.

If you - or one of your clients - is struggling with pain, injury or psychological distress we can help. Please contact us on 6230 0200 or via our website.

We are open from 8:30am – 5.00pm Monday to Friday.

Call us on 6230 0200 to make an appointment. Appointments are generally available within 24-48 hours. If you phone in the morning we may even be able to get you an appointment on the same day. 

Alternatively, you can make an online booking enquiry and we will contact you to confirm your appointment. Please provide information that will ensure you are treated by the most appropriate specialist in the team.

Online booking enquiry

How We Work

The first step to give us a call and book in to undertake an initial assessment. Depending upon the presenting condition, this assessment is conducted by our Specialist Occupational Physician and/or Physiotherapists and if required.

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Who We Are

The staff at Canberra Injury Management Centre include a group of highly experienced practitioners who are specialised in the professional delivery of best practice treatment.

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What We Do

Treatment plans can vary and may involve simply a short course of physiotherapy or a supervised exercise programme to the more complex conditions requiring an intensive pain management programme.

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Where We Are

Canberra Injury Management Centre
Suite B4 Canberra Specialist Centre
161 Strickland Crescent
Deakin ACT 2600

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