Exercise Physiology

Exercise is critical in restoring health, confidence and function in clients with injuries or pain.  In addition, it is well established that keeping physically active is essential to achieving and maintaining good long-term health, mobility and body composition - as well as in preventing and managing a myriad of chronic health conditions. 

Our Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists start by assessing the physical capabilities, goals and needs of each client.  They then take a holistic and individualised approach to exercise prescription to assist clients to regain endurance, strength, control and mobility after injury or surgery, or to more effectively manage their specific health concerns.   

In our pain and injury management programmes, we apply a strong physical emphasis built on a whole-body approach to addressing the de-conditioning our clients are often suffering.  For injured workers, we offer supervised work-conditioning exercise (‘graded activity’) programmes aimed at preparing individuals specifically for a return to their pre-injury work duties and hours.  Each programme generally incorporates tailored education regarding optimal body mechanics, ergonomics, safe manual handing, injury prevention and active self-management principles.  

Client’s referred after surgery are provided with a specific post-operative rehabilitation programme, prepared in consultation with the treating surgeon or based on up-to-date research evidence.

All supervised exercise programmes can be undertaken in the co-located gymnasium and pool facilities at the Canberra Olympic Pool - or developed so that clients can undertake their programme at home or at an another facility.  Programmes are developed with a view to the client’s ongoing self-managed of their exercise regime, and personalised coaching is provided to enhance motivation and consistency with exercise.

In addition to the usual pain management and injury rehabilitation services we offer, our Exercise Physiologists are also able to provide tailored exercise programmes, health coaching and self-management advice in relation to:

  • Chronic disease management – including chronic pain, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, arthritis, cancer recovery, and cardio-respiratory conditions,
  • Nutrition and weight loss,
  • Personal training,
  • Gym, pool or home exercise programmes,
  • Sports-specific conditioning,
  • Exercise for older adults – including mobility enhancement, falls prevention and osteoarthritis, and
  • Exercise for mental health improvement – including those with anxiety or depression.

Most Private Health Insurers now offer rebates for Exercised Physiology services under certain levels of cover.  Check with your health insurer for details. 

Clients with a chronic disease or health condition can usually access Medicare funding upon referral from a General Practitioner in the form of a Care Plan.  Similarly, eligible Department of Veteran Affairs clients may be referred for clinically necessary Exercise Physiology treatment by their General Practitioner.  Talk to your General Practitioner for further details.

Our Exercise Physiologists also offer services under Comcare, Workcover and Compulsory Third Party Insurance.  

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