Pre-Employment Screening and Functional Capacity Assessments

At CIMC, we have substantial experience undertaking pre-employment screening and functional capacity assessments (or evaluations) for range of employers, insurers and rehabilitation providers.

We can work with your organisation to design a customised pre-employment screen or functional assessment specific to the requirements your workplace and the role or person involved.  We also have a range of existing templates available, or can provide screening or assessment services using with your organisation’s own screening tools or assessment forms.

A typical our pre-employment screen or functional capacity assessments would include a thorough medical and injury history, a full physical assessment, and a range of functional movement, strength, endurance and manual handling tasks specific to the individual or role.

Following each pre-employment screen or functional assessment, we would typically provide the referring organisation with a brief summary detailing:

  • Identified risk factors,
  • Identified functional limitations or impairments,
  • The person’s manual handling skills, physical capacity and suitability,
  • Recommendations regarding possible restrictions, suitable duties or RTW planning, and
  • Treatment recommendations for injured workers (as appropriate), including those with identified psych-social barriers.

Please contact us on 02 6230 0200 to arrange an assessment or to discuss your organisation requirements.

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