What we do at the Canberra Injury Management Centre

We offer a range of services, depending on the nature and duration of a person’s injury, and the results of our initial assessments – from a short course of Pain Management Education, Psychology treatment, Physiotherapy or supervised exercise - to the more complex or long-standing conditions requiring an intensive pain management programme utilising a combination of treatment option. All treatments plans are tailored to the individual capabilities, needs and goals of each client – with a view to achieving the best possible outcomes with regard to daily functional, work and recreational activities.

Chronic pain conditions can have both physical and psychological complications that may affect an individual’s quality of life and ability to function. Our intensive pain management programmes are based on cognitive-behavioural pain therapy (CBT) and acceptance commitment therapy (ACT), and aim to actively engage clients in modifying any unhelpful beliefs and behaviours that, may be contributing to their experience of pain, mood problems or disability. Functional exercise or physical re-conditioning is also an important component in most of our rehabilitation programmes, and provide the client with opportunity to apply recommended pain management strategies to their functional daily activities. Our Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists can provide specific exercise prescription for functional restoration that take into account an individual’s previous exercise history, physical goals and specific workplace requirements.

Our other programmes include:

  • Work conditioning supervised exercise programmes aimed at preparing clients for their return to pre-injury work duties and hours.
  • Intensive injury rehabilitation programmes following injury or surgery to assist clients to regain functional capacity on a one-to-one basis.


We welcome both private and compensable clients. Private clients can usually access rebates via Medicare (on GP referral) or their Private Health Insurer.

We also accept referrals under DVA, Comcare, Workers Compensation, Compulsory Third-party insurance and directly from Rehabilitation Providers. Treatment can be individual or multi-disciplinary as needed.

At CIMC, we strive to keep all referrers and involved parties ‘in the loop’ with treatment planning and progression. All our programmes incorporate the use of validated subjective and objective outcome measures to help monitor changes in function over the course of treatment.

The following is a general outline of the programme components. For further information please contact us on (02) 6230 0200 or go to the Reference Material links provided below for further reading.

Pain Management Education and Support

Tailored one-to-one education sessions provide the client with a sensible rationale for the bio-psycho-social approach to treatment and pain management. Based on a model of health care in which psychological and behavioural change results from learning - education on the neurophysiology of pain helps patients to identify the links between pain, disability and emotions. Clients are provided with current science-based information regarding pain mechanisms and appropriate interpretation of symptoms, which can help to alter maladaptive beliefs about pain, as well as reduce fear-avoidance behaviours and distress related to their condition.  Armed with this knowledge, clients are better positioned to understand their pain condition and, most importantly, put in place effective management strategies. 

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It is important to choose the right method of Physiotherapy to aid in your recovery, and we offer a range of different treatments to help you get moving again.  We specialise in Musculoskeletal and Manipulative Physiotherapy to treat all muscle and joint injuries and conditions, but have particular expertise in the management of spinal pain, whiplash, sports injuries and occupational overuse conditions.  Our Physiotherapists can also develop tailored exercise rehabilitation programmes, and provided education regarding a range of active management techniques to help with pain, dysfunction or mobility problems.  We take a holistic approach to treatment can be integrated with our other treatment modalities as appropriate.

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Our Clinical Psychologists offer specialised injury adjustment and pain management counselling for clients recovering from injury or living with pain - but can also provide a full range of general psychology services for client specific concerns, including:

  • Anxiety, depression and other mental health concerns,
  • Workplace conflict and stress management,
  • Personal and relationship problems,
  • Health anxiety, self-esteem, eating disorders and obesity, and
  • Grief and adjustment counselling.
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Exercise Physiology

Exercise is critical in restoring health, confidence and function in clients with injuries or pain.  In addition, it is well established that keeping physically active is essential to achieving and maintaining good long-term health, mobility and body composition - as well as in preventing and managing a myriad of chronic health conditions. 

Our Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists start by assessing the physical capabilities, goals and needs of each client.  They then take a holistic and individualised approach to exercise prescription to assist clients to regain endurance, strength, control and mobility after injury or surgery, or to more effectively manage their specific health concerns.   

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Hydrotherapy and Aquatic exercise

The properties of water make it a gentle, supportive and relaxing medium in which to exercise, especially for people with significant levels of pain, or those recovering from injury and surgery.   At CIMC, we offer individual or group Hydrotherapy sessions, at two locations:

  • The Canberra Olympic Pool in Civic (co-located with our offices).  The pool is heated to 29-300 and has stair and ladder access.
  • The Malkara School, 53 Wisdom St, Garran.  This pool is heated to 340 and has both stair and ramp access.   
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Pre-Employment Screening and Functional Capacity Assessments

At CIMC, we have substantial experience undertaking pre-employment screening and functional capacity assessments (or evaluations) for range of employers, insurers and rehabilitation providers.

We can work with your organisation to design a customised pre-employment screen or functional assessment specific to the requirements your workplace and the role or person involved.  We also have a range of existing templates available, or can provide screening or assessment services using with your organisation’s own screening tools or assessment forms.  

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Injury prevention

The team at Canberra Injury Management Centre are able to provide tailored Workplace Injury Prevention Seminars that provide employees with practical information on injury prevention and safe manual handling, whether it be in an office setting or out in the field. 

These seminars can be customised to meet the specific occupational and safety issues present within an organisation or workplace, and are specifically designed to be practical, interactive and impactful.  Our seminars are typically delivered on site within the workplace to enable to the practical application of relevant principles and strategies.

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